How to Hire a Good Plumber

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Before hiring Silverdale plumbers, the first thing I do is to check whether they have a plumbing license. That’s very important because I want to ensure that I’m working with an expert in his field of work. The next thing is to look for references from previous customers. I also make a point of reading some online reviews about the plumbing company. If the company has a Facebook page or Twitter handle, that’s very good because I can check out the comments section and then decide whether or not to hire the company. 

After selecting a few companies, I have to check on the amount of time that the company has been operating. It’s very important because I want to establish a long-term relationship with the plumber and not work with someone who’s here today, gone tomorrow. A company that has been in the business for many years is also more likely to have a good reputation because disreputable companies don’t last long in any business. Another important thing is pricing and I will ask for quotations from the shortlisted companies. If a company is too cheap, I’m wary but I also don’t want to pay above the market rate. 

Some plumbers prefer to provide a quotation onsite after they have checked out the problem. But there are some that give a flat, fixed quote so that I know precisely what they will do. The next thing is to ask for guarantees and I like to work with plumbing companies that offer a money back guarantee in case one is not satisfied with the job. A company that offers a money back guarantee is one that is confident of doing a good job. And that’s a great selling point. By following the above tips, I have generally been able to get a plumbing job done right at the first time of asking.