The Different Types of Heat Pump Systems

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If you are looking to install a heat pump but do not know where to start. Here are the major types of heat pump systems for you to consider.

Ground source heat pumps

Also called geothermal heat pumps, ground source heat pumps draw heat from the ground to a home or building. They are generally more efficient since the temperatures found in the ground are highly constant.

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps draw energy from the outside air to the inside of the house or building. The heat pump unit is usually installed to the side of the building where it draws heat from the air and transfers it to the inside when heating is required.

Ductless heat pumps

Also known as a mini-split heat system, ductless heat pumps normally have an individual unit outside and one or more units in the inside. Ductless heat pumps have the advantage of not needing ducts to pass heat through rooms. They are also a good retrofit to home heating systems.

Absorption heat pumps

Also known as gas-fired heat pumps, absorption heat pumps usually use natural gas energy to provide heat. They are especially driven by other heat sources other than electricity like solar, gas or geothermal energy. Absorption heat pumps are more commonly found in industries.

Hybrid heat pumps

Hybrid heat pumps are very useful for places whose climate can change from very warm in the summer to very cold in the winter. A hybrid heat pump is basically a heat pump together with another energy source like a gas boiler. It gives the advantage of a more constant heat source at highly efficient levels.

In conclusion, heat pumps will offer you the flexibility of a system that can cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter as well. Basically giving you the best of both worlds.