How to Choose a Good Car Hire Company

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Finding a decent car hire Paihia company can be a very difficult task as complex details regarding insurance and confusing rental contracts can confuse even the most experienced drivers. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to explore a new country or area without a means of transportation. Therefore, when you try to decide which car hire company you should use in Kerikeri and Whangarei in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, it is important to consider several things. Below are a few helpful tips that will help you do just that.

1. Check the Basics.

There are two main basics which sound obvious but tend to be disregarded when choosing a good car hire company. One of them is checking if the company serves in the area you intend to drive in. There is no point in finding a well-priced car hire company if the location of the depot requires you to travel a long distance in order to pick up the car.

The other basic thing is the type of vehicles the company has. Take into consideration exactly why you need to hire a car whether it's for use in a motorway or rural area and also exactly how many people will be using the car.

2. Reputation and Legitimacy.

It is very important to check and verify the legitimacy of an online car hire company before hiring them. Their website should show you details such as opening hours and the company's location on the map and you should also be able to get a full quote online before renting one. There should also be detailed descriptions of each vehicle that is available for hire.

3. Fully Read the Terms and Agreement.

Make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions thoroughly. Some car hire companies tend to be sneaky in their terms and conditions and include hidden statements such as the amount of fuel required when returning the car or various mileage limitations, and these hidden terms tend to cause problems when not adhered to. Legally, there are three insurance requirements when hiring a car. These are theft protection, third party liability, and collision damage waiver, Ensure that you fully check the small print for any additional terms applied by the car hire company.

4. Check the Car Before Driving Off.

Once you've decided on a car and agreed to the terms and conditions, the next step would be picking up the vehicle. When doing this, it is very vital to check the car before taking off so as not to be held responsible for any damage caused by the previous driver of the car. Check the body and paintwork for any dents or scratches, check mechanisms such as wipers, locks, and lights and ensure that they work as they should and also check the type of fuel that the car uses before filling it up.