Giving up old habits

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We might have all the most comfortable Duvets & doonas NZ in the world yet we can still experience some sleep problems. Sleep disorders might often be caused of underlying issues that we have to cure. We should not be hopeless because there are effective ways to countermeasure these disorders.


One of the ways that proved to be effective is by turning off electronic devices including TV one hour before going to bed. Since the light emitted from the screens of electronic devices and appliances can cause our body to remain awake and alert even in the wee hours of the night. When we want to have a good sleep, we have to avoid using them before we go to bed or might find ourselves wide awake even if we want to fall asleep already.


Another thing that we must take into consideration is the naps we are having every afternoon. We might be super fans of napping but we have to know that it actually disrupts our normal sleeping routine. It is normal to feel sleepy after lunch but we have to fight it because we might not get a good sleep at night. If we want to sleep better, we have to sacrifice some of our old habits.